Streamr DATAcoin
$ 0.080584
0.00000913 BTC
$ 56,133,105
Volume (24h)
$ 56,560,767
Circulating Supply
697,152,733 DATA
Total Supply
987,154,514 DATA

What is Streamr DATAcoin?

Streamr DATAcoin (DATA) is an ERC-20 token developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Streamr DATAcoin is a complete network which is aimed towards the future connected world. It is expected that huge streams of data will be generated by machines, transport vehicles, and other appliances. That data can be sold or acquired by companies to gauge the performance of their product. Strear DATAcoin is a platform that will allow each user to share and monetize data generated from various machines. Similarly , if the user needs the data he has to pay for it using DATAcoin. Streamr DATAcoin focuses on the real-time data economy.In Streamer network, the data flows from peer-to-peer through a decentralized set of hosted computers around the world. In order to handle and process a large amount of data Streamr network has a built-in processor known as the "Streamr Engine" which can process data from a variety of sources such as financial exchanges, IoT devices and alike.Streamr DATAcoin was developed by Henri Pihkala who is also the present CEO of the company. Streamer is a crowd-funded an open source project with many contributors around the world. The headquarters are in Switzerland and the team consists of 22 other members.The purpose of Streamer DATAcoin is to cater the needs of handling the vast future data generated from various devices and machines. The data can be streamed in real time and monetized to incentivize the providers using Streamr DATAcoin.

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